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Make Money Every Time You Go Shopping!

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Shopping, its something that literally everyone has to do. Whether you're just getting toilet paper or you're buying a new back massage chair for your pregnant wife (Best investment I've made) You'll have to go to the store for something, or at least buy it on Amazon.(Because let's face it shopping in your underwear is so much better than getting dressed and dealing with people) But did you know there are many ways out there to not pay full price and sometimes even get paid for shopping? Seriously, I'm not yanking your chain here.

Rebate Apps:

There are countless apps out there that you can use to save money most of these apps are hassle free and super easy to use. Here are the top 10 apps I personally use to make money every time I go shopping.

I have personally made over $500 with this app and it can be used either in store on online. For in store use: Simply select your offers, scan your receipt if it has a QR code like Walmart receipts or take a picture or your receipt, and boom you're getting paid. For online use: Simply log into the app click the Amazon, Jet, eBay, Groupon, or hundreds of other retailers icons and then simply shop as you normally would and return to the app when your finished.

Shopkick, like Ibotta can be used online or in store. The thing that makes this app unique is even if you don't buy any of the offered items you can still earn points which can be redeemed for rewards. The first method is by simply walking into the store. Yeah seriously, This app pays you for just walking in to different stores! The next method is by scanning indicated items in the store. Its as easy as picking up the item and scanning the bar code. You might look silly, but hey you're getting paid so who cares?!

3. Receipt Hog

This app rewards you for EVERY receipt you have. Just get your receipt and take a picture. You can also connect you your Amazon account for an additional bonus each month. App pays out via Amazon gift cards and Paypal.

This one operates much like ReceiptHog only it also offers the bonus points for selected items and brand loyalty. The app offers a huge selection of rewards options. Everything from ITunes, Amazon, to Restaurant gift cards to places like Dominoes, Buffalo Wild Wings Dunkin Donuts and more. They also have the option of Visa cards if you like a little more flexibility with your rewards. Use code BP2JC at sign up for a bonus 2000 points.

5. Checkout 51

This was my first official rebate app to use and it couldn't be more straight forward. Check the offers, buy the items, take a picture of receipt have money deposited into your account. Easy, straightforward and rewarding. You can cash out after you have accumulated $30 in rebates I usually cash out about once a month.

6. Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart is continuing to innovate with the growing competition of companies like Amazon and one of those innovations is their app. Download the app, set up your Walmart pay account and the scan the QR code on every Walmart receipt you get (Online receipts are automatically added) Then if they find a lower price at one of their competitors on an item you purchased you'll receive the difference! Your earnings are automatically added to your Walmart pay account which you can use for purchases online or simply scan the QR code one your self checkout stand to pay with your phone in store.

(Side note: if you are using the other apps on this list do not use Walmart pay to check out, as it does not automatically print out a paper receipt which you would need to redeem on the other apps.

You may have heard of coupons. com before and printed out physical coupons to use in the store, but did you know that they have created a convenient app as well? Basically how it works is you download the app, sign in, connect your PayPal account, buy a qualifying item, take a picture of your receipt, and wait to get paid. It's that simple and you don't have to deal with paper coupons or hold up the line at the store for a coupon that the clerk doesn't seem to know how to key in.

You hear about passive income all the time, but this app is about as passive as it gets. Download the app create an account and link your credit/debit card and pick your 5 favorite retailers and then start redeeming points for every purchase you make at your selected retailers no matter what you buy! I personally have mine set to earn points at Walmart, Target, Starbucks, McDonald's, & Walgreen's. As an added bonus for every 5 times you redeem you can earn bonus points by playing snake. Yeah you read that right, the game your were a wiz at your old Nokia phone, you can make money for playing that. Use code: qh3pv for 1000 bonus points when you sign up.

"Cash back Automatically" is what they promise. This app is a hybrid of the previous mentioned apps. You can earn money back automatically by connecting your card to your account, or by clicking through the "offers" listed on the app for varying amounts of percentage back on your purchases from hundreds of stores like Fitbit, Oakley, Sephora,, and more.

10. NCP Mobile

National Consumer Panel pays you for scanning all your purchases when you get home. You can either download their app or request a scanner be mailed to you. Personally I use both the scanner for large grocery trips and the mobile app for quick purchases at places like the gas station or other "on the go" items.

Yeah I know , why would you print coupons at home when you can just use the coupon,com app & all the other great apps listed above. But what if I told you you could get paid an extra $0.10 for every coupon you redeem? Yeah, that's a thing. There are 4 great sites that you can use to print coupons from that will credit you a bonus amount just for using their website to print out the coupons. (As a bonus you can also earn money on all of these websites for taking surveys, searching the web, watching videos and more!)

"Whether you're in college, a single parent, just getting on your feet or a struggling artist we all could use some extra money in our bank accounts"


Get Paid for All That Walking Around You're Doing

With all the great offers now available to you its almost certain that you're going to be walking around the store a bit more to cash in on them. Whether you're walking around to cash in on deal, hatch Pokemon eggs, or just for health did you know that you can get paid for that as well! No really, I get paid to walk all the time! Here are a couple great apps to check out.

This app pays you for the amount of steps you take, plus an additional bonus "sweatcoin" every day just for watching a quick video. There are several levels of membership based on how much you walk daily. The basic level is "Mover" which you can earn a max of 5SC per day. Next is Shaker which deducts 4.75SC from you each month but you can earn up to 10SC per day or 300/month. After that you have Quaker which allows you to earn 15SC per day (450/mo) and costs 20SC/mo. The final level is Breaker which allows you to make 20SC/Day (600SC/mo) and costs 30SC/mo. I personally recommend everyone be a Breaker because if you watch the 15sec ad each day you are awarded 1SC per day which makes the membership Completely Free! Sign up with this special link for a bonus 5SC upon signing up.

This app pays you for walking, recording your meals and work outs, and how much water you drink each day. Connects seamlessly with your existing fitness apps like Fitbit and AppleHealth. Sign up here:

PanelApp records your location and rewards you with points which you can later redeem for gift cards at places like Amazon, Walmart, PlayStation Store, and more. They will occasionally offer you surveys in the app which you can complete for bonus points and generally take less than 1 min to complete.


Make Use of Mail-in Coupons Rebates and Store Sales

I know it may sound pretty self explanatory, but many people seem to forget about these options. Whenever you are out shopping always keep an eye out for store sales, day old bread sales, coupon doubling, and mail-in rebates. These are basically just bonuses that can help double the money you are making if combined with the other options listed above. I have been known to even make money on items because of using in-store coupons and Ibotta. Please remember to like our page and sign up for our email list so you never miss a deal!

Thank you so much and I hope this article was helpful in your money saving/wealth building journey!

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