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5 Helpful Tips for Making Better Videos

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

So, you've finally got your camera set up, video ideas in mind, and information you're excited to share... And you're still procrastinating making your video. Why?

If you're anything like me, you might be putting it off because you're shy in front of the camera. The very thought of appearing in front of a camera for all of the world to see is enough to cause panic.

So today we're going to be going over 5 tips and tricks to overcome that camera anxiety and boost your confidence in front of the camera. It doesn't matter if it's for TikTok, Youtube, Instagram Reels, or for a college class presentation, these tip should help you make better content.

Why are you even doing this?

Concentrate on your reason for being. Most inspirational speakers would call the "Finding your Why" This is among the most IMPORTANT parts of getting yourself to face your fears and go on camera. Keep in mind what your goal is. For whom are you doing this? What are your objectives? What is your vision for the future? If you keep focused on that, you'll be able to convey your real concern for your message and audience while you talk.

Stories, Stories Stories.

Short-Form Content (a couple seconds to a minute) are an excellent tool. Make Snapchat and Instagram stories to get in the habit of practicing being on camera. They are straightforward, low-pressure, and, best of all, they vanish within 24 hours. You can actually enhance your speaking skills and learn how to communicate more clearly and concisely by doing this for a while, all while feeling more at ease.

Tell yourself that it's alright to make mistakes.

Develop the perspective that it's okay to make mistakes. I wouldn't scold my three-year-old daughter for sketching a mistake or skipping a letter while reciting her ABCs. You're no exception. You're just getting started in videography, so don't anticipate perfection on the first try. Allow yourself to make mistakes by stating something like, "It's acceptable if I stumble over my words, if I make a mistake, and if I'm not perfect in today's video." Your attitude going into it will be greatly influenced by your intentional preparation and declaration of intention.

Skip the Gram.

Don't use social media. Look over items in your life that make you joyful prior to going into the filming day. Stream your favorite high-energy music. Swing around and dance. Look through photographs of yourself that make you happy. Identify occasions when you've felt confident and powerful. Also, if you have a hard time not comparing yourself to others, skip YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for that day. You're attempting to be the greatest version of yourself possible. You're not intending to impersonate someone else. Keep that in mind and realize that comparison is always the greatest thief of joy.

Look your best on Camera.

This one will take a lot more practice to master and there are countless tutorials on YouTube that you can check out to get better at this particular skill. However I'll hit some of the most common high points. Check your camera angle and color. It should be natural and at eye level or just above. No one looks good on camera when they're looking down at the camera. Try to use as much natural light as possible but if your filming location doesn't have good natural light I would suggest getting a ring light on Amazon like this one here. Finally the most important thing is, Don't be too judgmental of yourself. You might see yourself flipflopped on the camera and be hyper critical of yourself because you don't look the same as you thought you did. It's okay. Trust me you look fine. As long as you put a little time into getting ready and you keep your angles and lighting in mind then. YOU. LOOK. FINE. Own it.

Hopefully these five tips can help you build your confidence to get in front of that camera and start making amazing content no matter what platform you're on! We'd love to see your progress so follow us, friend us, DM us, whatever on your platform so we can see your amazing content growth!

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