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Updated: Jun 3

Here you can find the best Samples on the internet. Tons of websites and mailing lists promise free stuff; unfortunately, they're filled with spam and incentives to sign up for even more sites which only means one thing... More Spam! So that's where we come in. Here at ThriftyDadCreations, we will go through all the spammy offers and sift through the junk to bring you only the absolute best offers. This page will be updated with additional offers once per week. If you need a reminder to check this page, sign up for our newsletter or Like us on Facebook to continuously be updated when new offers go live.

Some of our favorite independent sample sites to sign up for in addition to the samples listed below:

As a note: does not directly provide anyone with samples or any free items listed on this page. Third-party sites or companies host all samples, giveaways, or contests posted.

To see a list of referral links that help support this page please click here

Currently, Accelerant Research is looking for panel members and is willing to pay $25-$300 per new respondent. The research study is coming up later this month. Participants will be paid $300 as a thank you. A recruiter must call and invite all participants to participate prior to the interview. 

With Amazon Prime, you continue to get more and more freebies. If you're not already signed up you can sign up Here.

Currently, the United States Postal Service is giving away free boxes and other shipping merchandise.

Click the link and sign up to get a free $5

 Right now, Action Network is giving away free "Justice for Animals" tote bags. They have a promo page up right now, which you may access by clicking the link above. To claim yours, visit them and fill out the form with your postal details.

These products are maintained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Read more at

Honeygain is an innovative app that allows users to earn money online simply by sharing their internet connection. Now you can maximize your unused data plans and make the most of every bit of data! It's a fantastic way to earn passive income with ease!

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