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Top 7 Places in the US That Will Pay You to Live There

If you're looking for a new place to call home but aren't sure where to look, we've uncovered six cities — and one state — that are providing bargains worth thousands of dollars to persuade you to make their areas your new dear home.

Why not get free money to move somewhere and get a change of scenery?

Some cities have decided to become more aggressive about their survival in the face of decreased or halting population growth. Despite rising real estate costs in some regions of the country, some communities are still giving away free land while others are literally handing out stacks of cash to those who agree to relocate to their metro area.

Here are seven areas that are desperate for you to relocate there.

1. Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Through its Tulsa Remote initiative, Oklahoma's second-largest city is paying remote workers $10,000 in compensation to relocate there. With the purchase of a home, you'll receive $10,000 in cash upfront. They'll even throw in a desk at a coworking space so you don't have to work on your own if you don't want to. Personally, I prefer isolation, but maybe that's just me.  The only conditions are that you are 18 years old, that you work remotely or independently outside of Oklahoma, and that you wish to reside in Tulsa.

2. Harmony, Minnesota.

Are you interested in relocating to the "Biggest Little Town in Southern Minnesota"? The town of Harmony will provide homebuilders a cash rebate of up to $12,000 to pay construction costs, with no restrictions on age, income, or residency.

3. New Richland, Minnesota.

Everyone who lives there will tell you, "Life is better in the Midwest" – especially when you can get land for nothing. Your new house in New Richland's Homestake community will be completely free if you build it within a year of receiving the land transfer. In addition, the village is close to a golf club, a lake, and biking routes.

4. Lincoln, Kansas.

A Kansas community is giving away free land to qualified residents. If you take them up on their offer, you'll be able to observe the buffalo roam from your home on the range, according to their website. You'll have to follow the city's rules for building and occupying a home within certain timeframes. For more information, contact Lincoln City Hall.

5. Baltimore, Maryland

Are you willing to put some love into a neglected property in exchange for a monetary reward? In an effort to mitigate the blight produced by abandonment in the neighborhood, Baltimore's Vacants to Value Booster incentive offers $10,000 to buyers of Vacants to Value properties. You must live in the house as your primary residence and be willing to put down at least $1,000 of your own money. Additionally, the $10,000 must be used for your down payment and closing charges. If that's not enough to entice you to relocate to Old Bay country, the city also offers a $5,000 incentive to use toward the purchase of a home anywhere in Baltimore through the Buying Into Baltimore program. To be eligible, you must attend a Trolley Tour event. A total of 20 people are chosen in a lottery.

6. Curtis, Nebraska.

How would you want to build your ideal home without having to pay for the land?  In Curtis, Nebraska, it is possible, If you build a home in Curtis within a specified amount of time (and to particular standards), you'll get the land for free. All of the lots are ready to go with utilities and are on paved roadways.  And the more the merrier — and more lucrative — in Curtis' world. The family incentive program gives $500 to the first child, $750 to the second, and $1,000 to the third child who moves to the city and enters Medicine Valley Public Schools.

7. Alaska (Anywhere)

Why settle for a single city when Alaska will pay you to live all around the state?  Alaska has paid its inhabitants to live there since 1976 through the Permanent Fund Dividend. The reimbursements are supported by oil royalties in Alaska and are distributed fairly among residents.  Annual dividends fluctuate, but the 2021 payout was $1,114. That's not too bad merely for being there!  You must not claim residency in any other state or nation to be eligible for the reimbursement. The whole details can be found here.

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