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5 Ways to Get Paid Just for Walking Around Your Neighborhood

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Whether you're walking around to cash in on deal, hatch Pokemon eggs, or just for health did you know that you can get paid for that as well! No really, I get paid to walk all the time! Here are a couple great apps to check out.

1. SweatCoin This app pays you for the amount of steps you take, plus an additional bonus "sweatcoin" every day just for watching a quick video. There are several levels of membership based on how much you walk daily. The basic level is "Mover" which you can earn a max of 5SC per day. Next is Shaker which deducts 4.75SC from you each month but you can earn up to 10SC per day or 300/month. After that you have Quaker which allows you to earn 15SC per day (450/mo) and costs 20SC/mo. The final level is Breaker which allows you to make 20SC/Day (600SC/mo) and costs 30SC/mo. I personally recommend everyone be a Breaker because if you watch the 15sec ad each day you are awarded 1SC per day which makes the membership Completely Free! Sign up with this special link for a bonus 5SC upon signing up.

2. Achievement. This app pays you for walking, recording your meals and work outs, and how much water you drink each day. Connects seamlessly with your existing fitness apps like Fitbit and AppleHealth. Sign up here: (See our short YouTube video about how this works by clicking here. ) 3. PanelApp PanelApp records your location and rewards you with points which you can later redeem for gift cards at places like Amazon, Walmart, PlayStation Store, and more. They will occasionally offer you surveys in the app which you can complete for bonus points and generally take less than 1 min to complete.

4. Job Spotter, This app is sponsored by Indeed and is designed to help keep job postings current and relative. How it works is every time you see a "Help Wanted" or "Now Hiring" sign you open the app and snap a picture. After the picture has been approved you are credited a small amount of money (usually around a quarter) which is redeemable through PayPal. 5. Rover, Out on a walk and lonely? Do you really love dogs but can't have one at your home. Well then this one is perfect for you! This is like the Uber or Lyft of dog walking! Basically you sign up as a dog walker (which is super easy) then you just log in and see if anyone has any dogs available to be walked. Then you walk the dog or dogs just like you would if they were your own dog. (Your walks and hours all depend on you) Then after a short waiting period you get paid! This can be a part time income or can be scaled to even replace your existing income!

Bonus, 6. Healthy Wage Did you know you can get paid to lose weight! With all that walking around your doing you're bound to lose some pounds as well. Healthy Wage allows you to bet on how much weight you'll lose and then get rewarded big time if you reach your goals!

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