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Top money saving apps for 2019

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

I’m often asked what apps I use personally so I thought I would share a simple list of all the apps I use to save money on every day purchases and make some passive income.

Receipt Hog is a fun and easy way to turn your everyday receipts into real cash and rewards!

HOW IT WORKS: 1) Take pictures of your receipts from any store, restaurant or cafe... 2) Earn Receipt Hog rewards like coins, spins at the virtual slot machine, and sweepstakes prizes... 3) Cash out with PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Cha-ching!

Money saving is easy when you get rewarded with cash back every time you shop. Download the free app now for your chance to earn a $20 welcome bonus.

HOW IBOTTA WORKS: 1. Find money saving offers – Before you go shopping, find and add offers in the app for things you want to buy. 2. Go shopping – Shop at your favorite stores, retailers, restaurants, bars, and apps 3. Redeem offers – Upload your receipt or link your loyalty card for instant cash back. 4. Get cash back – Watch your savings grow! When you’re ready, withdraw your cash earnings via PayPal, Venmo, or your choice of a variety of gift cards including Amazon!

Checkout 51 Features:

Store Coupon App: - Grocery offers are updated every Thursday to find the coupons you need! - Save money at your favorite stores like Target, Walmart, and CVS! - We have coupons in every category for money saving opportunities

- No more paper coupon booklets to shuffle through at the register.

Earn Cash Back Instantly from Your Receipt: - Save your receipt, take a picture of it and earn Cash Back - Send your receipt for money back and you can cash out once you reach $20 in savings - View your savings balance any time!

Join the millions of Shopkickers who have earned over $85 million that they use to redeem FREE Gift Cards to shop at Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Sephora, Target & more.

Update: Savings catcher is no longer running unfortunately , but please remember to continue to use the Walmart app to collect digital copies of movies on your linked Vudu, Movies Anywhere, Amazon, and FandangoNow accounts. ProTip: Always use some cash if using WalmartPay as they do not give you a physical copy of the receipt which is needed to score cash back with the other apps mentioned on this site unless some cash is used.

Save $100s with free paperless grocery coupons at your favorite stores like Walmart, Target, Kroger and Dollar General! With Location enabled, the app will even tell you which stores are close so you can take advantage of nearby offers without driving all over town. They’re making saving money effortless, and best of all, you can manage all your grocery shopping and coupons right from your phone without ever relying on a printer. However if you do want to print the coupons first you can do that as well here or from InboxDollars, Swagbucks, or MyPoints for additional rewards. ♥

Turn any grocery receipt into savings! You'll save on thousands of products EVERY time they're on your receipt. Enter code, BP2JC at the sign-up screen and you'll get 2,000 Fetch Points ($2.00 in points!) when you complete one receipt. Download here

It's a fun app that rewards you while you shop. Use code "zeothewise" and get free bonus points.

DG Coupons is basically with the added DG specific coupons just log in with your phone number at the register and save!

A free app that’s giving away millions in cash rewards every day! Use code qh3pv to get $5 - no strings attached.

Formed in 2010, the National Consumer Panel is a joint venture between the two leading consumer insights providers in the United States - IRi and Nielsen. The National Consumer Panel provides the highest quality, actionable consumer data to support the needs of both IRi and Nielsen.

For more information about Nielsen, please visit

For more information about IRi, please visit

It pays you automatically when you shop and dine out. Download the app, link a card, and get a $5 bonus!

Unfortunately, Spent Money is no longer functioning. Please learn more on their website here

Start investing with Stash today! Get $5 when you sign up with our special link.

Join Robinhood and get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free when you use our link.

Whether you want to maximize credit card rewards, earn extra cash back, track your credit score or make budgeting easier, it’s all here.

Download the app today and join the millions of people who are already using NerdWallet to make smart money moves.

The banking app that makes it easy to fund your future – while taking care of your now! Get $5 each for your first Goal if you sign up here:

Get the app and start earning free gift cards & more!

AdSwapper is now owned and operated by Moolabag and in my opinion is not worth the time unfortunaately.

JobSpotter Job Spotter is an awesome way to explore your community and earn redeemable points, all in the name of helping people find jobs at local businesses. Take and submit photos of help wanted signs. Every approved submission adds to your Wallet's balance. Redeem your balance for a gift card at any time!

If you have't heard of Swagbucks then there really is no hope for you... Just kidding, but seriously you've gotta start using swagbucks if you're not already

Got 5 minutes? This app allows you to maximize that time and make some spare cash!

Check out this free app 👆 It pays to walk!

Get paid for making Healthy choices. Seamlessly integrates with your existing fitness apps.

With Lucky Day, every day is a chance to win real money and prizes by playing FREE games! Use Lucky Code '4I7R6MJ' to get started.

Use Friend Code: 3350296 for 30 bonus rolls.

Get paid to watch TV shows and other great content.

Check out Perk Scratch & Win and earn up to $10! Use my referral code b61cf93a, to start earning instantly. Sign up Here.

Join Skillz and win real money just by playing games! Get $10 free when you make your first deposit!

I might add to this list later on, but as for right now these are my top choices for apps to use in 2019 many of these apps pay by either Paypal or Amazon gift cards so you’re not limited in what you can buy.

If you have any suggestions or apps I missed please feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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