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7 Holiday Tips To Keep You From Gaining Too Much Weight

It's almost everyone's favorite time of the year! That's right its time for the Holidays which for most people means ungodly amounts of food, family time, and sitting around getting fat watching Movies on your Amazon Firestick or Roku. But don't worry there is still some hope for your gut. We have come up with a list of several mindset "tricks" to help you keep off the pounds at this wonderful time of year. And the best news? You can apply these tips all year round to help trim you waistline and your keep some money in your pocket all year round. Tip 1: You don’t have to avoid your favorite foods!   Moderation. Moderation. Moderation. You can eat anything you want, just be aware when you’re cravings are guiding your apatite and have the self control to stop yourself from overindulging. I know you want a fourth piece of Pumpkin Pie, but it's not worth it.

Tip 2: Pregame  Drink a smoothie or grab a healthy, fiber filled breakfast before you head to the families Holiday Feast. This way your eyes won't be bigger than your stomach, and you'll be able to eat more realistic portions an at steady healthy pace.

Tip 3: Focus on portion control.

 Limit the amount of each food group you eat to fist sized portions. (Finally a good use for my giant hands!) This works year round but is especially helpful when there is food in abundance and your cravings are at an all time high such as holiday meals, BBQ's, and all you can eat buffets. Unless you happen to be a Viking, then this rule need not apply.

Tip 4: Fill your plate with REAL food.

 It should be a given, but eat lots of veggies and lean proteins. When you get seconds, or thirds, (4th's if you're a Hobbit) fill your plate with even more veggies so that if/when you do eat that sugar filled dessert you will already feel full and won’t be as inclined to over indulge.

Tip 5: Limit yourself to ONE serving of dessert.

 This is a simplest and probably the Hardest tip on the list. Especially if you're in my family and there's about 47 different dessert options to choose from. Using the fist sized portion model, you can still enjoy at least 4 (7 in my case) of your favorite desserts.

Tip 6: Don’t ‘snack’ after you’re done eating. 

Once the feasting has stopped there will be leftovers and of course no one will want to take them home. Don't fall into the trap of snacking while you chat the rest of the night away. These extra 'snack' calories can add up quick if you're not careful. I recommend bein the one to recommend helping to clean up and take the leftovers home. (Free meals for a week!)

Tip 7: Go for a walk.

 When you’re done eating, go for a walk. (Click here to learn how to get paid for walking) You may feel the urge to sit on the couch, and watch movies but even just a walk around the block ( 15 minutes or so) will be enough to help kick start your metabolism and burn some extra calories while simultaneously helping you lower blood sugars and aid in the digestion process.

When you’re done eating, (before or after your walk your preference) have a quick cup of Coffee. Coffee is literal magic in a cup and should be consumed after any large meal. Coffee helps to boost you're metabolism, gives you a small boost of energy so you don't have the after feast coma, and helps to 'push' everything through your system aiding in healthy digestion.

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